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HowTo: Edit a Point Radius Geozone

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2015 10:42AM PST
Enter a description to be used in reports and alerts:

Select the desired options:

  • Reverse Geocode : The description will be used in reports instead of the location's address
  • Arrival Zone : Geozone Arrival Events will be created when a vehicle enters the Geozone
  • Departure Zone : Geozone Departure Events will be created when a vehicle leaves the Geozone
  • Auto Notify : Notify user(s) when a vehicle enters or leaves the Geozone.
  • Click here for steps to configure notifications  
Enter the address of the Geozone.  This will recenter the map on the address.  Valid address formats are:
- Street, City, State, Zip
- Street, City, State
- City, State
- City
- Zip

For example:
3400 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, CA, 93105


Change the map Radius:


The map will center and display a Geozone radius in green:

Edit the size and location of the Geozone:
  • Click to reset center
  • Click-drag Geozone to move
  • Shift-click-drag to resize
Click Change to save the Geozone

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